Bibliotherapy in Fairy Tales

Scholars of literature may well be familiar with bibliotherapy within fairy tales, but for some of us, the notion that any kind of healing lay between the lines of Hans Christian Andersen or the Brothers Grimm is a revelation. This type of therapy may require some close reading, and most certainly some introspection, however, here are my thoughts:

Please remember these are NOT the Disney versions …

The Story of a Mother, Hans Christian Andersen – courage/loss/grief/letting-go

The Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Andersen – marriage is not a means of finding your soul/obsessive love/choice, pain and love/shame

The Red Shoes, Hans Christian Andersen – sin and piety/salvation and deserving/choice, pain and love/appropriateness

Cinderella, The Brothers Grimm – humility/choice, pain and love/shame/anger/obsessing with goals – how far would you go

The Blue Light, The Brothers Grimm – the consequences of revenge/greed/using money poorly

Snow White, and Rose Red, The Brothers Grimm – do not judge a book by its cover!

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