Book design ~ Alma Classics Evergreens

“Alma – which is Spanish for “soul” – is a publisher that regards a book as an aesthetic artefact rather than as a mass-produced commodity. The company’s whole emphasis lies on quality over quantity, all the way from choosing projects for publication to creating the physical look and feel of each volume”. Read more about Alma publishers here.

What I love about the design of these book covers is the attention to beauty; the arresting of arrangement of conception on the cover, the shapes and typography that give meaning to the content, that transmit its intentions. The wistfulness on the cover of Wuthering Heights is seen in the breeze, the glitter of The Moonstone as it sparkles from the shelf, the formality of Mrs Dalloway in the cameo style portrait, all provide the reader with the notion of what is to follow on the pages of text.

The Alma Classics Evergreens are a set of publications that exude beauty in design. More book covers can be found here.


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