You had me at hello ~ a book cover love story

Inspired by Kate Scott (twitter@ParchmentGirl37), these are the book covers this year that had me at hello …


This is a new edition of Susan Hills The Travelling Bag and other Ghost Stories. The book cover design is sadly uncredited. This embossed work of magic blends a chalk board black with burnt orange intricate filigree with flowers and butterflies. It has aesthetic quality as well as sensory subtlety that brings this tactile book cover to life.


The House of Birds by Morgan McCarthy, book cover design is again uncredited. The flower and bird wallpaper of the neglected home that are described in the story feature on the cover, enchanting and beautifully captured.

paperback Vintage 2016

This brand new for 2016 edition of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern has a beautiful book cover design uncredited. Published by Vintage Classics, the characters of Celia and Marco are embossed white on a black background with the new features of the archers, jester and the character of Tsukiko – the circus contortionist. Its main feature is the centrepiece, the alluring clock of the Circus.

swan gondola

The Swan Gondola by Timothy Schaffert, cover design by Alex Merto, book design by Amanda Dewey. This typographical delight in a magnificent blue captures the essence of the colourful characters and the serenity of the swan gondola.


Bone by Bone by Sanjida Kay, cover design uncredited. This tactile book cover captures the relationship of mother and daughter and the fog of their unknown and uncertain future. The reader feels that they are walking through the nature reserve before they even open the book.

The Ballroom

The Ballroom by Anna Hope, book cover design uncredited. This has a matt black background with glossy blue embossed lines with gold and white text. It captures the elegance of the Ballroom, and the magic it brings to the patients.

I gave all of these books 5 stars reviews and you can read those here.




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