Research, History, Special Collections … these are a few of my favourite things



As a librarian, research has been a part of my life for quite some time, not in the least because of the immersion in academia and special collections.

I am pleased to say that ahead for 2017 I am offering my support for the archives research project at Llanthony Secunda Priory in Gloucester, where I will be collecting and organising information pertaining to archive documents and the manuscripts of Llanthony prima and secunda.


As a scholar and antiquarian book cataloguer, history is the foundations upon which I build my facsimile of the past in order to create a metaphorical image of an artefact.

In 2017 I shall be delving further into the book history specifically of grimoires, religious texts, and anthropodermic bibliopegy as a personal doctoral project.

Special Collections:

Special collections are the institutional and private collections of rare books and ephemera where there are limited editions and availability of works. The management of these collections is a careful process involving cataloguing and conservation.

Ahead for 2017 is research into museums and the ethics involved in display of special collections as part of a doctoral project.

Book preservation:

Preservation is the care, handling and storage of books to literally preserve them for future posterity. This can also include digitisation.

Conservation is the repair of books in order to help preserve them, and also to recreate and restore their originality.

Ahead for 2017 is further research into the preservation of the Llanthony manuscripts.

If you have a collection to be organised and catalogued please contact me at or at


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