Talking as fast as I can ~ Lauren Graham narrates her book #audiobook


This is not my first audiobook! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

And … I have a hardcopy too …

I did wonder if the audiobook would be flat and disappointing however, I am wowed by the audio experience Lauren Graham has gone to the trouble of providing her listeners with. Inflection, laughter, and even bursting into song – all of these things impossible in a hardcopy book of course. Then there is the very notion that Lauren is sitting at your kitchen table telling you this stuff; stuff about growing up, her education, her tries at acting and then writing,  and I am much relieved to say, without an inch of what seems to be in vogue with a lot of celebrated people these  days – baggage. Thank you thank you Ms Graham.

I love the section on her memoirs of Gilmore Girls the first time round – the honesty about long hours and intense dialogue and how it messes with your mind and memory. There are things in there which make me say in my head to myself ‘of course, how could I not have noticed that!’ and things which make me laugh out loud. I’m not an actress and I don’t live in Hollywood land, but I’m the same age ish as Lauren and some of the things she talks about resonate poignantly with me.

After listening to this book, I’m going to read her first book – Someday, someday maybe published by Ballantine books 2013.

So all in all if you like Lauren Graham the actress, have a little listen to her telling you her story. Great while you’re doing the ironing or steam cleaning the floor (god I live a glamorous life), this audio book will lift you away from yourself.

I give this audiobook a 5 star rating.


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