#bookreview Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty


They say trouble always comes in threes . . .

For sisters Lyn, Cat and Gemma Kettle, the year they turn thirty-three is no exception.

Sensible Lyn is struggling to balance being a mother, wife and businesswoman without losing her mind. Cat, whose perfect marriage is the envy of all her friends, never suspects that her husband has been hiding a secret that will tear her life apart. Directionless Gemma changes jobs and boyfriends every few months and has just met a new man who could be the one to unlock her hidden past.

Through everything, the bonds of the sisters are strong enough to withstand whatever life throws at them. That is until the night of their thirty-fourth birthday dinner, when home truths are revealed and things are said that can’t be taken back . . .

My reading experience:

Writer of Big Little Lies, Liane Moriarty delivers a funny and often insightful view into the lives of a set of triplets and the lives they affect around them.

At the start of each chapter is an observation of the triplets by other people and the impact they have on them. I really appreciated this – I haven’t come across this before but as a twin have always been acutely aware of being a bit of a spectacle when growing up. It was interesting that the author included these – an angle I hadn’t considered and yet were integral to this story.

Aside from the fact these girls are triplets, firstly they are sisters and some of the secrets or lack of communication about parts of their lives will be familiar to readers with siblings.

In this cyclone that is their collective lives, elements of “crashes” occur – Lyn is sensible but feels pressure to live up to the personality she has created; Cat is living the dream of a marriage the envy of her sisters yet her husband doesn’t feel quite the same way, and Gemma still reeling from the wrench of losing her fiancé is spinning on a path with no direction and is in need of a magnetic force to help her find her centre again.

This story is about sisterly connections – those invisible threads that bind and are the loving support when life doesn’t always go to plan.

I highly recommend anything by Liane Moriarty. I have reviewed Big Little Lies, The Husband’s Secret and Truly Madly Guilty.


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