#bookreview the Finnish Way by Katja Pantzar published by Tarcher Perigee


An engaging and practical guided tour of the simple and nature-inspired ways that Finns stay happy and healthy–including the powerful concept of sisu, or everyday courageForget hygge–it’s time to blow out the candles and get out into the world! Journalist Katja Pantzar did just that, taking the huge leap to move to the remote Nordic country of Finland. What she discovered there transformed her body, mind and spirit. In this engaging and practical guide, she shows readers how to embrace the “keep it simple and sensible” daily practices that make Finns one of the happiest populations in the world, year after year.

My reading experience:

I first read about Sisu in an on-line magazine article and decided to do a little more reading. There doesn’t seem to be one true translation for Sisu but there is a consensus that it is courage and stamina. Some of the main points of Sisu are:

* healthy eating

* living simply

* movement as medicine

* forest therapy

* recycle, upcycle, or buy good quality

“Sisu gives rise to what I call an action mindset; a courageous attitude that contributes to how we approach challenges. Sisu is a way of life to actively transform the challenges that come our way into opportunities.”

This book can be read from page 1 to page 220 but it’s also one of those dip into for recharging type books. Finnish fortitude means not always choosing the easy way out, if you have a problem ask for help, do things for yourself instead of outsourcing, choose accidental exercise, embrace the green of your park or countryside, instead of buying into a world of consumption that already has too much stuff, recycle.

At the end of each chapter are handy hints and tips for how to adopt Sisu in your life. I highly recommend dear reader that you get onto this.

I have read this book during the Covid19 global pandemic 2020.


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