#bookreview Fifty words for snow by Nancy Campbell published by Elliott and Thompson


Snow. Every language has its own words for the feather-like flakes that come from the sky. In Japanese we find Yuki-onna – a ‘snow woman’ who drifts through the frosted land. In Icelandic falls Hundslappadrifa – ‘big as a dog’s paw’. And in Maori we meet Huka-rere – ‘one of the children of rain and wind’. 

From mountain tops and frozen seas to city parks and desert hills, writer and Arctic traveller Nancy Campbell digs deep into the meanings of fifty words for snow. Under her gaze, each of these linguistic snow crystals offers a whole world of myth and story.


‘Sparkles and dazzles with new meanings and old magic. Campbell’s writing beautifully captures the elemental power of snow and its ability to transform our world. You’ll never see snow in the same way again.’ – Matt Gaw, author of Under the Stars: A Journey Into Light

My reading experience:

Firstly so would like to thank the author, publisher and Netgalley for my free ARC.

This is one of those books that sparks other reading. Filled with fascinating histories and explanations, of glitter, powder, crystals and flakes – snow and the lore surrounding it in so many cultures, this is the perfect read for all snow lovers. From the animals who live in snow, the people and nature, this book will transport you to the highest mountains and the coldest glaciers.

I highly recommend this powerful journey into a white world. Not necessarily a cover to cover read, I’m ordering my hardback copy to dive into when I need some snowy magic ❄️


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