#bookreview Inspire by Ben Fogle published by William Collins


What can rowing across the Atlantic teach us about boredom and about patience?

Can coming down from Everest take more resilience than climbing up in the first place?

How can the isolation of the South Pole highlight what’s most important? And how can we tap into the same reflective state in our daily lives?

Writing during the unprecedented period of the coronavirus pandemic and drawing on a wealth of personal stories, Ben reflects on the significance of nature to all our lives and shows us how we can benefit from living a little more wild.

Drawing on his greatest adventures, he shares what his time spent in the wilderness has taught him about life. Ranging across seas, icecaps, jungles and deserts, Ben’s stories are filled with wonder and struggle, with animals, adventure, wilderness, friendships, unexpected acts of kindness and heroism, and are bursting with inspiration directly from nature. Ben’s epic stories reveal a new side to his adventures and show how everyone can find meaning in the wilderness, even if it’s just outside their front door.

Full of exciting adventures and practical guidance, this primer on positivity is a story about overcoming obstacles, surpassing your expectations and inspiring your journey of adventure.

My reading experience:

This is what I have learned …

In this book, Ben achieves what he says on the tin: “Inspire” or more grammatically, inspiration.

This was exactly the sort of book I would expect from the person who is transparent on social media and presents meaningful windows into other ways of living on television. Of course I don’t know Ben Fogle. I only know the version of himself he chooses to show but what impresses me is his openness and his truth. This book reveals a deeper knowledge and insight into that truth he projects.

The book layout is perfect. Organised into themes such as The Ice Cap and Islands, Ben weaves us through his experiences which have brought him to his lessons learned. The writing is powerfully simple and culminates in his very own letter to the universe … or in Bens case, the Wilderness.

Full of life accounts, revelations, humour, facts, and insights, I highly recommend this amazingly inspirational read. Personally, I would like to thank Ben for taking the time to write this book which also reflects the times i.e the Coronorvirus global pandemic, for the effort, introspection, resilience and integrity.


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