#bookreview The Kingdoms by Natasha Pulley


Come home, if you remember.

The postcard has been held at the sorting office for ninety-one years, waiting to be delivered to Joe Tournier. On the front is a lighthouse – Eilean Mor, in the Outer Hebrides.

Joe has never left England, never even left London. He is a British slave, one of thousands throughout the French Empire. He has a job, a wife, a baby daughter. 

But he also has flashes of a life he cannot remember and of a world that never existed – a world where English is spoken in England, and not French.

And now he has a postcard of a lighthouse built just six months ago, that was first written nearly one hundred years ago, by a stranger who seems to know him very well.

Joe’s journey to unravel the truth will take him from French-occupied London to a remote Scottish island, and back through time as he battles for his life – and for a very different future.

My reading experience:

Another fascinating, immersive tale from this author and if the loop of time is a curiosity for you, this book will satisfy your every whim.

Carefully written to make her characters people that the reader truly believes in, and has feelings for, I was lost within it, the thought of knowing of another life, a different time, and only one tiny clue for all of it.

I highly recommend this book, for the mystery and intrigue, time travel and woven throughout all of this, the love and connections and invisible threads between us that make us all human.


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