#review Monday to Sunday (poetry) by Jan Miklaszewicz


Maniac drivers and roadside sellers, family dynamics and evil spirits, overheating brains and moments of wry reflection …

These are but a few of the delights that await you in Monday to Sunday, verbal snapshots of a single week in the author’s life.

By turns playful, sour, and tender, these poems are written with a great enjoyment of the craft.

My reading experience:

This poetry was easy to read, one ordinary week in the life of the author carefully sliced up into regular work and family routines with all of the highs and lows for the every man. Brimming with sentiment and a bit of frustration, the theme of love woven throughout – not always obvious but there in the little things.

I really enjoyed this poetry- real, and up close observations, thought-provoking and in places, funny.


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