Ways to read 🦋

The power of reading

Here is a short list of ways to read:

Try choosing your next read by the time or era that it is set in, for example contemporary, 1940s wartime, Victorian, Medieval.

Keep tabs on your choice list by using Goodreads or LibraryThing – you can plot your journey and review it – a bit of reflection is always good for the soul.

Try reading a selection of books all set in the same place, for example Oxford, Scotland or Istanbul.

To broaden your horizons you could limit your books to those from your local Library for a while. Browse the Library, and see what it has on its shelves.  Even in the most provincial town, there are treasures to be had.

Choose a subject you are interested in and find fiction in that field for example war drama, Witches, Crimes of passion, Circus.

Decide to heal yourself with books (bibliotherapy) based on your ailment such as grief, anxiety, fear, a broken heart.

And if you are inclined to read too quickly with no reflection try writing a review or telling someone what the book is about. You will soon discover new perspectives and ideas about what you have read.

Finally, always, always, have a cup of tea.


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