#bookreview A midlife baby by Cary J. Hansson (The Midlife Trilogy Book 2)


Helen’s week in Cyprus has left her on a high! She’s back home, and determined to make changes as she forges ahead with the second half of her life. But events soon take an unexpected turn, leaving her plans in tatters and her loyalties divided. Overwhelmed by a powerful sense of deja vu, her dreams seem more impossible than ever.

Kay is also feeling re-charged. Accepting of the changes she must make in order to reclaim her life, she is quietly optimistic, until the threat hanging over her professional career becomes damagingly real.

And as Caro’s life is turned upside down by the choice she made in Cyprus, she finally begins to understand that not everything in life can be planned for.

When a series of dramatic events then engulfs all three women, the friendship that has sustained them throughout adult life is tested as never before.

Will it survive? Or must they accept that some actions are unforgivable?

A Midlife Baby is the second part of Cary J Hansson Midlife Trilogy women’s fiction series.

My reading experience:

Firstly I would like to thank the author for my feee ARC.

From the author ~ “I can promise only two things: no knights in shining armour and no flying cars. My heroines save themselves, as in the end we all must do”.

I couldn’t wait for this next instalment of the lives of Helen, Kay and Caro, and the author jumps right in with Helen and the aftermath of the holiday in Cyprus.

Whilst Helen has an unexpected blip in her plans (and too much home made tiffin cake from her work colleague), Kay has a hurdle or two to overcome (with help from her hot pink sarong which is now doubling as a scarf to add flair to her darkly coloured wardrobe) and Caro does her best to hold it together. These girls really are so different yet manage to stick together through life’s seasons.

What a joy it was to meet up with these women again, to read about the trials and tribulations of midlife and menopause with verve, humour, and a little bit of midlife madness. Creative and fun, the author gives us the drama, melodrama and messed up reality of being a 50 something woman and all I wanted to do was go get a glass of wine with these friends and have a proper chinwag.

I highly recommend this trilogy of stories as I thoroughly enjoyed A Midlife Baby by Cary J Hansson.

Bring on book 3 of the trilogy!


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