#bookreview A midlife holiday by Cary J Hansson


She wanted a change. But will a girls’ trip to the Mediterranean recapture her joy?

Helen Winters worries the walls are closing in. With her children grown and her selfish husband absent on her fiftieth birthday, she regrets not taking the exciting paths she dreamed about in her youth. So when a well-meaning gift reveals a depressing image of her future, she takes a leap of faith and jets off to Cyprus with two lifelong friends.

Basking in the glorious sunshine and crystal-blue waters while enjoying the attention of handsome European men, Helen starts to feel truly alive. But her best friend isn’t in Cyprus for the sunshine, and when Helen learns the true reason, tensions threaten their lifelong bond and she fears nothing will ever be the same again.

Can she shake off years of disappointment and claim well-deserved happiness?

My reading experience:

From the author ~ “I can promise only two things: no knights in shining armour and no flying cars. My heroines save themselves, as in the end we all must do”.

An incredibly insightful and imaginative story, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Helen, Caro and Kay. I think we’d be friends. I loved the window into the 50 something liberation a lot of women experience. Just enough character history to build a trilogy, a sprinkling of realism by way of tragedy and injustice, but plenty of transactional endeavours to bring them to life. Funny, cringey, sad, thought-provoking, the author does exactly what she says on the tin.

Bring on book 2 of the trilogy!


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